Visitor Information / Entertainment

  • program of events tmpDate: April 8 and 9, 2022
  • Times: Friday 9am to 4.30pm. Saturday 9am to 4pm
  • Location: Bairnsdale Aerodrome, Bengworden Road, Bairnsdale
  • Prices: Adults $20, Children under 16 – free – It's best to purchase tickets online to avoid long wait times at the gate
  • An information booth is located just outside the main office (see main map for exact location)
  • No dogs are allowed on site
  • Each year East Gippsland Field Days engages a host of family friendly entertainment.


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  • Woodchop
  • Sheep Dog Trials
  • Black Snake Productions Reptile and Animal Live Shows
  • Free Children’s entertainment
  • Live Music
  • Dog education zone
  • Great food



Entertainment will be on both Friday and Saturday. Make sure you check the timetable so you know when to stop by.


Visit our animal nursery running both days at this year’s East Gippsland Field Days.


Take a walk down our livestock row and stop and chat to the cattle exhibitors and admire their stock. There will also be sheep and alpacas on show.


Live music will be featured on our outdoor stage on Friday and Saturday. Grab a bite to eat and take a seat and enjoy the show.


Sheep Trials

The saying goes that Australia “rode to prosperity on the sheep’s back.”

Wool, and the shearing shed, has been part of Australia’s culture, identity and economy since the 1870s.

Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to be a shearer, or a rouseabout?

Or how to fling that freshly-shorn fleece perfectly across the wool table?

At East Gippsland Field Days on April 8 and 9, some of Australia’s best shearers, rouseabouts and woolhandlers will put on two days of training and demonstration at the Gippsland Sheep Breeders Training Centre.

Hosted by the Gippsland Sheep Breeders’ Association and the Shearer and Woolhandler Trainers’ Association, experts will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about the shearing profession, what to look for when handling or appraising wool, (and what exactly does “rouseabout” mean?)

On Friday starting at 10am, wethers from sheep farms across Gippsland will be shorn and valued, with the winner taking home the prize of Most Valued Fleece.

On Saturday, the shed will host training for shearers, rouseabouts and woolhandlers – the general public is welcome to come along, watch all the action, and chat with the experts on hand.


Dog Therapy

Did you know therapy dogs have been around for hundreds of years, and that in World War II they were used by the Red Cross to treat veterans suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

The calming and therapeutic effect of dogs on people experiencing anxiety, trauma or emotional discomfort is well-known.

At East Gippsland Field Days on April 8 and 9, you can soak up a little “pooch peacefulness” of your own, at a special Hug the Therapy Dog booth in the Dog Arena.

Hosted by Playful Paws Training & Wellness, you’ll be able to spend some snuggle time with Lola the Greyhound, Kitty the German Shepherd, Walt the Chihuahua-cross, Koda the Border Collie, Cricket the Lab and other therapy dogs.

It’s been a stressful few years in East Gippsland, for sure.

Following the 2020 bushfires and the COVID pandemic, a lot more people in our community are experiencing high levels of trauma and posttraumatic stress.

Therapy dogs are one way to help people of all ages cope, and find refuge from their anxiety.

If you want to learn more about therapy dogs, or just want to give one of these beautiful guys a soothing pat and a scratch on the ear, come along to the Dog Arena in the middle of the Field Days ground on Friday or Saturday.

There will also be demonstrations by agility dogs Quinny the Caucasian Shepherd and Jessie J the Border Collie, a colouring competition for kids, and tips and tricks from expert dog trainers and dog behaviourists on how to set your dog up for success!

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Sheep shearing

These guys take “good dog” to a whole new level.
The working farm dogs of Australia are some of the smartest dogs in the world, combining incredible training and understanding of their owners with a razor-sharp herding instinct.
And at East Gippsland Field Days on April 8 and 9 you’ll get the chance to see some of Victoria’s best sheep dogs in action.
The East Gippsland Farm Dog Group is running yard trials on both days at Field Days, starting at 10am on the Friday and 8am on the Saturday.
If you haven’t seen a sheep dog trial before, do yourself a favour and get along to this one.
You’ll be amazed at what these dogs can do.
Whiskey, Victor, Joe, Bella and Ginger are just some of the fantastic fidos that will be strutting their stuff, working with their human owners to manoeuvre 10 sheep (yes, 10!) around a series of obstacles.
Try doing that in your own backyard and see how you go!
“They absolutely love it,” said Roberta Prince of the East Gippsland Farm Dog Group. “All they want to do is work, to please their owner, and get a nice pat at the end! It’s really amazing to see such happy dogs doing something they obviously enjoy.”
Here’s the date and time info for the Yard Trials:
Friday, 8 April - 10 am Novice, followed by Improving
Saturday, 9 April – 8am Open, followed by Encourage (those just beginning and looking to learn).



Wood Chop

Wood Chop - is back!

North and East Gippsland Axeman’s Association or N&EGAA will be back at the East Gippsland Field Days after a few years away from the scene on the Saturday.

Look for them in a new spot in the south east corner in rows M and N. There will be a variety of events taking place throughout the day with our Juniors, Novice Competitors and our more experienced choppers putting on a display of their talents.

The ladies get their turn in the Jack and Jill crosscut sawing events. These saws are finely tuned pieces of art and are very well looked after. Prices start at almost $3000 for new saws and the sky is the limit. Saws require regular servicing and once they have been resharpened a few times they lose their competitive edge.

Listen out for the chainsaws especially the Production Hotsaws working their magic on a piece of Woolybutt from the hills surrounding our area. There are a couple of real handy 084 and 088 Stihls that have had a fair amount of port work and an expansion chamber fitted to eke the most out of them. They will also have up to 80cc and 100cc Stocksaws bouncing off the revlimiter in the stocksaw sessions.

Chainsawing involves boring through the centre of the log and then cutting down to the bottom of the log before completing the cut to the top. The next two biscuits are cut in a downwards motion and then an upward cut to complete the task. All of this within 150mm of the end of the log for Hotsaws and 100mm for the Stocksaws. It’s not as easy as it seems to complete the three biscuits inside the lines.

The chopping events consist of Underhand where you stand on the log and Standing Block where you stand facing the log. Juniors compete in Underhand events and are required to wear mesh leg and feet guards. The leg guards are to help prevent accidents as the axes are razor sharp.

Both logs require a front where the competitor cuts approximately halfway through the log before moving to the back of the log and completing the cut. There are a wide variety of axes in use by competitors and if you are interested in finding out about them ask one of the choppers to explain and to show you. One thing I can guarantee is that you wont pick one up at the local hardware store.

Around 1.30pm they will run the Field Days cup which will involve choppers from all age groups competing against each other in one single event. The back markers (highest handicap) will probably have a bit of catching up to do but watch for them towards the end of the event. It will all happen pretty quickly. But my guess is that they will be giving the first competitors away 40-50 seconds head start maybe even a bit more.

Enjoy the day and if your not sure about what’s happening or why sing out and they crew will do our best to help out. Likewise if you’ve always wanted to give woodchopping a try talk to one of the people there and they can point you in the right direction.


Stockman’s Camp

We are so excited to be collaborating with The Stockmans Camp to bring you their fabulous Bush Heritage Shows - running from our Equestrian Area each Day at the below times:
9.30am - 10.30am – Bush Heritage Show – Equestrian Arena
11am - 12noon – Bush Heritage Show – Equestrian Arena
12.30pm - 1.30pm – Bush Heritage Show – Equestrian Arena
2pm - 3pm – Bush Heritage Show – Equestrian Arena
See the natural talent of the working Kelpies as they put their training and skills on display and be enthralled at the training and temperament of the beautiful Australian Stock Horses as they perform their tricks and routines.
The Stockmans Camp Show is great entertainment for the whole family and you'll even get to see some fancy whip cracking.



Mike Elrington Music

We have some brilliant musical acts lined up for you at this year's event including gifted singer songwriter, Mike Elrington
Mike's commitment to his live shows and the well-earned reputation for leaving nothing behind but sweat has seen him invited to perform at some of Australia's finest festivals, including the iconic Byron Bay BluesFest, Bendigo, Sydney Blues and Roots Festivals and Blues on Broadbeach to name but a few.
Elrington has proven himself as one the hardest-working artists currently on the Australian scene, and over the last 20 years since the inception of his career as an 18-year old in Adelaide, has released 9 albums and toured excessively throughout Australia, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand.
Self-managed independent tours to the US have seen him grace stages of some of the most prestigious blues clubs in America, including Biscuits and Blues in San Francisco, JJs Blues in San Jose, The Cat Club on Hollwoods Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, The Sand Dollar Blues Lounge in Las Vegas & Sullivan Hall in New York City.
After a jam-packed decade of extensive touring throughout not only Australia, but also New Zealand, Nashville & China for the Concrete & Grass festival in Shanghai, opening for US rock legends The Doobie Brothers in front of a sold-out Tivoli Theatre in Brisbane, and also taking out the prestigious Singer/Songwriter of the year crown at the Australian Independent Music Awards in Sydney, Mike also had the honour of getting a No.1 spot on the Australian National Blues/Roots Radio charts with his groundbreaking, genre-bending new album Aftershock in 2020.
We can't wait to welcome Mike to our main stage on Saturday for two sets. He will join Todd Cook (music) and his band and Cara Schaefer and her band will round out a super Saturday of live music.



EG Historical Society

Feasting, Fighting, Crafting and Games!
Go back in time with East Gippsland Historical Reenactment Society (incorporating Legio XVIII) at this year's East Gippsland Field Days on the Saturday only.
The group re-enact diverse aspects of life throughout history, leading up to 1780 with a particular focus on Ancient Rome.
Watch members battle and drill, try on their armour and play ancient and medieval games.
Craftspeople will also be at work and available to chat to anyone who might be interested in joining the group.



Todd Cook music

Excited to have Todd Cook music as part of our line up on Saturday, April 9. Our main stage will come to life with a range of our most talented local musicians.
Grab a bite to eat and pull up a chair and enjoy live music all day long.

Black Snake

Wonder if you will come up close and personal with any of these guys at this year’s EG Field Days?
The snake pit will be visiting our event both days where you can learn all about snake safety, snake varieties and even hold one!